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We Never Compromise on Quality with Group Buying Schemes.

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At Solar4Ever we understand that navigating through government and council group discount schemes for solar installations can sometimes lead to compromises on quality and reliability.

That's why at Solar4Ever, we take a different approach with our group buying scheme . We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, ensuring long-term satisfaction and peace of mind, whilst also still offering a Substantial Group Discount.


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  • 1. Only Local Trusted In-House Installers: We handpicked our installers based on their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to excellence. With years of experience under their belts, our in-house team ensures seamless installations that adhere to the highest industry standards.


  • 2. Premium Tier 1 Solar Products: We only offer top-tier solar products from reputable manufacturers, guaranteeing superior performance, reliability, and durability. Our commitment to quality means you can trust that your solar system will stand the test of time and deliver optimal results for years to come.


  • 3. Better Pricing: Contrary to popular belief, opting for government or council schemes doesn't always translate to cost savings. In fact, many of these programs come with hidden fees and long-term expenses that can outweigh any initial discounts. At Solar4Ever, we cut out the middleman and streamline our operations to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.


  • 4. Benefits of Solar and Battery Storage: By harnessing the power of the sun, solar energy offers numerous benefits, including reduced electricity bills, lower carbon footprint, and increased energy independence. With the addition of battery storage solutions, you can enjoy even greater savings and resilience by storing excess energy for use during peak times or grid outages.



"Solar4Ever guarantee to beat any government or local council scheme price without sacrificing on product quality.."



Many government and council schemes often opt for cheaper, low-level equipment, including inexpensive inverters, panels, and battery systems.

Additionally, they may potentially rely on Non-Local sub-contracted installers who lack the expertise and experience needed to deliver top-notch installations.

Unfortunately, these shortcuts can result in subpar performance, reduced efficiency, and increased maintenance costs down the line


Normal Group Schemes

Generic System, Lower Quality, Lack of UK Support.
  • Generic Branded 3.6KW Inverter (Support Based in China)
  • Generic Branded 5.0KW Battery (Support Based in China)
  • Generic 425W Solar Panels (Support Based in China)
  • Overall potential Lack of UK Support

Solar4Ever Group

Higher Quality, Tier 1 Products, UK Based Support.
  • GivEnergy, Solis, Fox Tier 1 Rated Inverter.
  • GivEnergy, Fox, Pylon Battery Systems.
  • JA Solar, Jinko, Canadian Solar Tier 1 Rated Solar Panels.
  • UK Based Support.


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Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson
From start to finish the team at EB Solar have been amazing. So helpful and have made the whole process painless. We are thrilled with our solar panels and car charging point. Watching our smart metre read £0 is a lovely feeling ! Highly recommended. In a world where nothing seems to work properly anymore - EB Solar did !
Tony Cook
Tony Cook
Good experience with EB Solar; From the Sales process with John K through to the booking in and organisation from Lisa in the office. The product is great my electric bill this week is a whopping £3.52 and that's before I sell back my excess or try anything clever with timings on the battery. EB Solar are committed to what they do and made sure that everything was completed and that follow-up was actioned quickly. Highly recommended.
David Wardell
David Wardell
EB Solar installed our system plus a Zappi EV charger exactly when they said they would and took less than away to do the work. Even the scaffolding was taken down the same week. When we had a problem with the CYG Inverter due to the hot weather, Logan the EB Solar CYG contact solved the problem the next day with an Inverter firmware upgrade, since when it's being working just great. Faultless service and EB Solar are highly recommended
Pearl Goble
Pearl Goble
We Have had a great experience with E B Solar. No hard sale, just given the facts and benefits. The installation went off without a hitch and the two engineers were of the highest quality. I would recommend E B Solar everytime.
pawel dlugolecki
pawel dlugolecki
Great service from John and Chris, explained the whole system to me. Works perfectly without fault, highly recommend for anyone looking for solar. Thank you to the installation team too 10/10
Christopher Collyer
Christopher Collyer
Installed solar and battery in a day as promised. Very happy with the service. Would highly recommend
Angela Jones
Angela Jones
EB Solar fitted a solar system with a hot water i-boost. They were very efficient with the quote, installation and documentation. We have been so pleased to see it working away throughout the short cold blue sky winter days, reducing our bills.
Andrey R
Andrey R
EB Solar is excellent company to deal with. Very professional from start to finish, highly recommend. Chris is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. We are very pleased with the system. On sunny days panels charge the battery for the evening. The online portal and app is good. Thank you All, Olga and Andrey
Kirk Wright
Kirk Wright
We had a 4kwh solar system with a solis inverter and a 5kwh battery system. The two installers where top notch, and the team in the office where great and professional. Thanks guys.
stewart pirie
stewart pirie
I had my solar panels installed in summer last year and the process from getting the quote to installation was a stress free process that was well explained and expertly fitted timeously. I have no reservations of awarding the company 5 stars.